South Africans spend a lot of time outdoors, at festivals and on the roads of our beautiful country, and as women, toilet facilities are almost never available when you need them. When the facilities are available they are usually unhygienic, and forces women to squat in uncomfortable positions just to heed the call of nature.

ShePeeNess™ is a disposable female urinary device (FUD) and is a proudly South African product.

This biodegradable, disposable FUD allows woman to pee anywhere while standing. ShePeeNess™ is your Female Pee Necessity!

Easy to use, hygienic and eco-friendly.

About ShePeeNess™

ShePeeNess™ is your pee necessity for...

Camping • Long road trips • Public toilets • Safaris • Festivals • Sporting events

It can be used anywhere that you would normally need to hover or squat to Pee

ShePeeNess™ is easy to use:

  • Unzip your trousers or lift your dress
  • Place the large ShePeeNess™ opening between your legs
  • Holding ShePeeNess™, press on the seam to open both ends, to allow Pee to flow freely.
  • Relax and Pee
  • After using ShePeeNess™, replace back into the sleeve and dispose of when able

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ShePeeness™ is available in boxes of 15 or sold as singles


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